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Use this marketing strategy framework to define the activities required to successfully create, plan and execute a marketing strategy plan.

Use this step-by-step planning playbook and set of 22 premium tools and templates to create a comprehensive strategic marketing plan.


For the second consecutive year, Demand Metric and PFL partnered to understand how nearly 600 marketers use multichannel marketing and the power of intentional, coordinated marketing efforts.

Value Proposition Messaging Worksheet

Use this template to document your value proposition and messaging framework including, key benefit pillars, proof points to validate your claims, and elevator pitch.

Marketing Plan Presentation for Start Up

Use this template to develop your marketing plan for a new start-up or business idea.

Business Model Canvas Template (Word)

Use this template to define your business model. 

Business Model Canvas Template (PowerPoint)

Use this Microsoft PowerPoint template to define your business model.

Business Model Canvas Template (Excel)

Use this Microsoft Excel template to define your business model.


Follow this simple framework to develop a marketing plan that supports your company’s goals & objectives.


Follow this simple framework to leverage our top 25 tools, designed to help you achieve immediate marketing results.

A marketing plan presentation template consisting of seven stages.

The Definitive Shopper Marketing Guide

In this guide, you will discover a distilled best practice approach to Shopper Marketing that will superpower your strategy and lead you in the direction of success.


Join 5 C-Level execs from around the world as we leverage learning from literally thousands of ABM programs to help define the next stage of Account-Based Marketing.


Join the "C" executives from: Engagio, Demandbase, Vendemore, Azalead, MRP and Freya News to learn the answers to key questions we all face.


In this report, Demand Metric, in partnership with Lucidpress, explore the impact and value of brand consistency.

Use our Shopper Marketing Glossary to understand key terms.

Use the Shopper Marketing Maturity Assessment to evaluate where your organization stands when it comes to shopper marketing best practices.

Use our Shopper Marketing Program Strategies list to discover opportunities you can leverage while planning for your next shopper marketing campaign.

Use this project plan to outline the key components of your shopper marketing program to steer the direction of your project.

Use this template to outline, summarize, communicate and track your overall shopper marketing plan.

Use our prioritization tool looking to determine the best retail or brand partners your organization should build or maintain to strengethen your Shopper Marketing program.


Join Jerry Rackley, Chief Analyst at Demand Metric, and Tyler Lessard, CMO at Vidyard, as they discuss the key findings of our 2015 Video Content Metrics Benchmark Report.