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Use this modern online advertising framework to define the activities required to successfully create, plan and execute an online advertising plan.

Follow this simple, step-by-step playbook to create an effective online advertising plan to increase leads and/or sales and support your marketing goals.

Advertising Calendar & Budget Template 2023

Use this calendar to organize your advertising calendar and budget. Track publication and ad details, due dates and budget info for 2023.


In June 2013, Demand Metric conducted a benchmarking study to assess the impact online display advertising and real-time bidding is having on the online advertising landscape.

Use this to keep track of key information about the ads that you will be running.

Finding ROI with Online Ad Campaigns

A guide to help you analyze the return on investment (ROI) for online advertising campaigns.

Assess Advertising Concept Effectiveness

A guide to help you learn the key characteristics of a solid advertising concept.

Analyzing Competitive Ad vs. PR Spending

A guide to help you track & analyze your ad & PR spending.


This guide provides practical advice for executing and measuring trade promotion campaigns.

A matrix to evaluate potential trade promotion campaigns.

Use this to measure the return on investment for trade promotion campaigns.

Use this as a framework for building your annual advertising plan and budget.

You need to create a tool for selecting ad agencies regarding specific projects designed by your company.

This detailed tool helps you communicate your project needs and strategic direction to your creative department or creative agency partner(s).

A matrix to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising concepts.

We created the Online Advertising ROI Calculator to help you determine the ROI for pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Use this tool to determine your cost per impression across various communications channels.

A form to obtain legal consent to the use images taken by a photographer or a third party.

A template to communicate with your agency the strategic direction for creative development.

A template to track PR & advertising programs to determine Ad Spend/Ad Value Equivalency ratios.

A template to quickly document the role and responsibilities for this position.