Creative Brief Template

Resource Overview

A template to communicate with your agency the strategic direction for creative development.


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Your Problem

You need to ensure that your creative agency or team understand the strategic objectives for your company, product and/or program.

Our Solution

We created the Creative Brief Template to help you communicate the strategic direction for your company, product and/or program to your creative agency so that they can incorporate your organization's corporate ideals in the creative development process.

In this Microsoft Word document, you can provide your creative agency with the following information: Background, Corporate Facts, Overall Assignment, Tactical Objectives, Product and Service Facts & Benefits (Client Perspective), Market Overview & Competitive Situation, Customer Profile, Awareness Levels, Key Messaging & Corporate Positioning, Campaign Measurement, Campaign Execution, Proposed Timelines, Budget & Additional Resources.

Key Benefits

  • ensures your creative team understand what to do
  • documents situation and background
  • provides corporate facts
  • save 4 hours on writing & formatting
  • lists tactical & strategic objectives


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Business Writing