Sales Enablement Benchmark Report

Resource Overview

In August 2013, Demand Metric conducted a benchmarking study that reveals what Sales Enablement does in firms where it's effective, how it's staffed, measured & managed and best practices to improve the effectiveness of your own Sales Enablement function.


Executive Summary

Sales Enablement seems like a straightforward term that describes a function to enable sales.  That description, however, is where the clarity ends. 

This research study revealed that there are a variety of views and reported effectiveness of Sales Enablement. Despite the confusion around this topic, a clear picture emerges from the study of what this function looks like where it is working well. This picture provides a source of best practices to help any organization leverage Sales Enablement to facilitate achieving revenue goals.

Demand Metric collected responses from over 380 participants, and the analysis of the survey data provides these key findings:

  • Sales Enablement is most commonly defined as a function that “develops strategy to help improve the sales process.” Yet 54% of survey participants indicate that the function is either very or primarily operationally oriented as it exists in their organizations.
  • Half the participants in this study indicated the presence of a Sales Enablement role or function in their organizations.  Of those organizations that do not have this function, slightly over half cite lack of understanding as the reason.
  • Of the organizations that have Sales Enablement, 75% report that it makes a moderate or significant contribution.
  • Where Sales Enablement is effective in terms of contribution, 76% of survey participants report that it is also well or very well understood.  On contrast, where it is not effective in terms of contribution, 74% report that it is poorly or very poorly understood.
  • 47% of organizations where Sales Enablement is not effective in terms of contribution have no measurements in place for the function.  

This report details the results and insights from the analysis of the study data.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Research Methodology
  4. Presence of Sales Enablement
  5. What Sales Enablement Does
  6. Effectiveness of Sales Enablement
  7. How Sales Enablement is Understood
  8. Who Owns Sales Enablement
  9. Sales Enablement Maturity
  10. Who Owns Sales Enablement
  11. Sales Enablement Maturity
  12. Sales Enablement Strategic Orientation
  13. Sales Enablement Budget & Staffing
  14. Measuring Sales Enablement
  15. The Future of Sales Enablement
  16. Analyst Bottom Line
  17. Acknowledgements
  18. About Demand Metric

Research Methodology

The Demand Metric 2013 Sales Enablement Survey was administered online during the period of August 9th through August 26th, 2013.  During this period, over 380 responses were collected, 330 of which were complete and not duplicates and were therefore included in the analysis.  

All members of the Demand Metric community received email invitations to participate in the survey, and participation was encouraged through a random draw incentive for an iPad Mini. While respondent email addresses were collected in order to facilitate the prize drawing, no identifying information was considered in the analysis of the survey data.