eWorkshop: State of Email Marketing

Resource Overview

This webinar shares insights and data useful for comparison, planning, and improving email marketing effectiveness, with insights from the “The State of Email Marketing” benchmark report.


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eWorkshop Description:

The Demand Metric study “The State of Email Marketing” highlights research to understand which email marketing tactics are in use, how effective they are, and what challenges exist.

Scripted with key insights from the study, this webinar is a must-watch for marketers hoping to answer to the key question: What separates high-performing email marketers from the rest of the pack?

This exclusive webinar provides the Top 5 Recommendations to navigate the email marketing landscape:

  1. Document Specific Email Marketing Objectives
  2. Use Variety of Email Marketing Tactics
  3. Know Your Email Subscribers
  4. Leverage Technology
  5. Pursue Email Certification

Full of industry benchmarks and takeaways, this webinar serves as an engaging introduction to email marketing and sets the stage for email marketing success.