Email Marketing Solution Study

Resource Overview

Our Email Marketing Solution Study highlights insights, the landscape, and the vendors associated with the Email Marketing space.


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In the beginning it was email. Email Marketing is one of the pillars of Demand Generation. It may be the first tool that many marketers use to kick off their Demand Generation efforts and one typically used as a key component of any Digital Marketing effort.

Email Marketing is a highly versatile Demand Generation tool. It can be used for lead generation; sales opportunity nurturing campaigns; major events announcements, information and registrations and advertising, social and/or mobile marketing campaigns.

Our Email Marketing Solution Study will examine the landscape, vendors and solutions for the platforms and tool sets that provide the structure that email marketers need to create relevant, personalized Email Marketing campaigns for each of their individual audiences.

  • Executive Summary
  • What is Email Marketing?
  • Email Marketing Deployment Lifecycle
  • Vendor Selection Criteria
  • Email Marketing Solutions Landscape
  • Email Marketing Maturity Model
  • Action Plan
  • Analyst Bottom Line
  • About the Research Analysts
  • Our Solution Study Methodology
  • About Demand Metric