eWorkshop: Sales Content ROI Webinar

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This webinar dives deep into the 'Sales Content ROI Benchmark Report' and is chock-full of incredibly interesting data about content distribution, content usage, content metrics, ROI, and revenue attribution.


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eWorkshop Description:

For as long as there has been a sales function with a marketing team creating assets to support it, the question persists: what kind of return comes from the investment in sales content?

To answer this question, Demand Metric and Seismic partnered on research to understand the current state of B2B sales content ROI and the factors that drive it.

What we uncovered was astonishing…

Over half of organizations reported that less than 60% of their content actually gets used. 

Study participants also estimated a revenue increase of 20 percent or more if the needed sales content was always available to the sales team at the right time at each stage of the sales cycle.​

Join us as we share the full results of our research study, present other insights, and provide best practices that relate to sales content effectiveness and ROI. 


About the Presenters

John Follett - COO at Demand Metric

As COO of Demand Metric, John is responsible for managing our partner programs, acquiring new customers online and growing the value of our membership. Using Demand Metric resources, members complete projects faster and with greater confidence, boosting respect for the marketing team and making it easier to justify needed resources.

Deirdre Pelrin - Director of Marketing, Seismic

Deirdre is a growth marketing leader, currently leading Demand Generation, Content Marketing, Events, and Partner Marketing at Seismic Software. Seismic is the leading B2B marketing enablement and sales enablement software that lets teams find the right sales content and optimize the sales process.