eWorkshop: Definitive ABM Success Guide

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Join the "C" executives from: Engagio, Demandbase, Vendemore, Azalead, MRP and Freya News to learn the answers to key questions we all face.


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eWorkshop Description:

Join the "C" executives from: Engagio, Demandbase, Vendemore, Azalead, MRP and Freya News to learn the answers to key questions we all face:

  • How can I maximize impact of my ABM program?
  • What determines success?
  • How can I benchmark my ABM program?
  • How can I amp up my 2016 planning to build ABM momentum?

Join us as we unpack the strategy for deploying high-performance ABM programs. Beyond the hype and hyperbole seen across the Web, we will engage top industry thought leaders to share insights gleaned from hundreds of real ABM deployments. From new research, to case study and best practice, we will identify precise moves for you to generate real revenue impact!


About the Moderator

Mark Ogne, EVP Demand Metric and founder of the ABM Consortium

Mark is a serial CMO with senior marketing positions at Acxiom, Kefta, RingCentral and NewzSocial.  Under his leadership, two organizations have had successful exits (IPO/Acquisition) including a ecommerce startup he built into a $150M business. Mark is very active in the marketing community and has served on various industry boards with organizations like Forrester, DMA and IAC. 

About the Thought Leaders

Peter Isaacson, CMO - Demandbase

Peter Isaacson is a proven business leader with over 25 years of marketing experience in job responsibilities ranging from branding and advertising, to corporate communications and product marketing. This includes deep experience in both B2C and B2B marketing and managing large teams across international markets.  

Johan Sundstrand, CEO - Freya News

Johan Sundstrand Is an experienced marketing and sales strategist, entrepreneur and advisor. He specialized in developing Account Based- and Content Marketing Strategies, Marketing Planning, Sales and Product development. Focus on B2B companies, Finance- IT- Tech- Industry.

Christopher Engman, CEO - Vendemore

Christopher has a strong domain expertise in the combination marketing/sales and software. Over the last 16 years he has been working non stop with marketing and sales software solutions and has founded, invested in or cofounded several working and growing software companies.

Kevin Cunningham, CEO - MRP

Kevin founded MRP in 2002 with Jim Regan. After years of successful growth in the US market, Kevin led the First Derivatives, PLC acquisition of MRP and has expanded MRP’s reach to include Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia.

Nick Heys, CEO - Azalead

Nick is President of Azalead Software and software entrepreneur. He founded Emailvision (renamed SmartFocus), the international market leader in cloud-based solutions for marketing automation and is a board member and investor in tech growth companies.

Jon Miller, CEO - Engagio

Jon is CEO and co-founder of Engagio, and all-in-one platform for account based marketing automation. Before co-founding Engagio, Jon was co-founder at Marketo (MKTO), the leading engagement marketing platform.