Customer Engagement Best Practices Guide

Resource Overview

Read this best practices report to learn how Customer Engagement has developed and how to implement Customer Engagement functions within your company.


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Executive Summary

A new question is challenging the Modern Marketing Organization (MMO). Yesterday’s question was: “How can we improve the experience our customer has with our company, brand, product or service?" Today’s question is: “How well is the customer engaging with us?” Not how can we “engage the customer,” but how are they engaging with us?”

The answer to that question is at the core of Customer Engagement, which views the customer-vendor relationship from the perspective and willingness of the buyer. It is not about just doing business with us; instead, it is to embrace us, prefer us and stay with us even when lower prices and “better” options come calling.

It is to help the MMO answer that core question and implement strategies, processes and best practices for Customer Engagement that we have produced this report.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. What is Customer Engagement
  3. Benefits of Customer Engagement
  4. Understanding Customer Engagement
  5. Customer Engagement Map
  6. Customer Engagement Framework
  7. Customer Engagement Maturity Model
  8. Customer Engagement Vendor Solutions
  9. Action Plan
  10. Analyst Bottom Line
  11. Our Best Practices Report Methodology
  12. About Demand Metric