Events Database 2023

Resource Overview

A professionally designed database & calendar to organize, summarize and communicate all of your marketing events for 2023.


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Your Problem

You need to organize & communicate all of your marketing events for the year and keep track of budget & expenses in 2023. 

Our Solution

A Marketing Excel database to keep track of all important events (both internal and external).

Use the "Events Database" tab to: 

  • List the events you plan on organizing/attending
  • Events Calendar" and "Budget" tabs to keep track of important dates and expenses
  • Maintain a list of event contacts in the "Event Contacts" tab

Key Benefits

  • easy color-coded format
  • clearly depicts activities & events
  • facilitates communication with team
  • save 4 hours on formatting
  • provides a roll-up summary

Estimated Time Required: 4 Hours

Skills Required: Excel (basic)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet