Event Marketing Maturity Assessment

Resource Overview

Use this tool to measure your organization's event marketing capabilities.


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Your Problem

You need to audit your event marketing competencies and understand your level of process maturity. You are required to identify a way to evaluate your organization's current event marketing capabilities in order to determine how you can be a more effective event marketing manager.

Our Solution

We created the Event Marketing Maturity Assessment to evaluate capabilities across 7 key event marketing perspectives: Strategy, Resources, Results, Promotion, Execution, Follow-Up & Measurement. For each of these different areas you are required to select the level of process maturity you believe you have.

Once you have gone through the audit in this event marketing maturity assessment, you will be able to determine what the level of process maturity is for each of these categories. In this resource, we also provide you with an overall event marketing effectiveness score and an overall event marketing maturity index.

This is a great communication tool that can be used to show key stakeholders the level of maturity for each of your event marketing initiatives, and it can also be used to identify areas of weaknesses.

Key Benefits

  • allows for a thorough self-assessment of capabilities
  • ensures your team covers all perspectives
  • measures overall process maturity
  • saves 2 hours on formatting
  • includes effectiveness score & maturity index


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: Excel (Advanced)