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Use this to evaluate the skills of new hires or seasoned veterans on your sales team.

Use this to identify key stakeholders, evaluate their interest, power, support level and flexibility.

A tool for determining if you should bid on a business opportunity.

A template for providing a high level status report for each of your key accounts.

Use this tool to create an action plan to win more business from your top accounts.

A form that evaluates and helps to prioritize requests for new product features.

A checklist to ensure you have provided all the tools your sales team will need.

A worksheet to help you develop effective probing questions.

A worksheet to capture daily sales productivity metrics (dials, demos, etc.) for sales reps.

A survey to benchmark and collect data for sales support effectiveness.

A template to create a standardized sales script that helps your new reps perform faster.

A case study template to highlight a customer's problem and show how you solved it.

A template to create a matrix of product features, advantages, and benefits.

A template to quickly document the role and responsibilities for this position.

A matrix that compares competing products by evaluating features and identifying differentiators.