Sales Productivity Metrics (Daily)

Resource Overview

A worksheet to capture daily sales productivity metrics (dials, demos, etc.) for sales reps.


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Your Problem

You need to track performance for an inside sales rep or team. It is required that you find a way to measure the productivity of sales representatives, and it is important that you collect and analyze data in order to identify areas that need to be addressed.

Our Solution

We created a Sales Productivity Metrics worksheet to capture daily sales productivity metrics for sales reps. These metrics include dials, demos, and more. With this resource, we allow you to transfer these results into our Sales Productivity Metrics (monthly) tool to aggregate metrics for your entire team.

Our tool will enable you to collect daily information on your sales representative and their performances. This worksheet will allow you to analyze longer-term trends and to gather valuable data points for your sales department. The Sales Productivity Metrics template can significantly increase the productivity of your sales representatives, and it can also provide insights into your sales team and areas that need to be addressed.

Key Benefits

  • increases productivity of sales reps
  • defines sales reporting metrics
  • sets expectations for daily performance
  • provides insight into skills gaps
  • save 2 hours on writting & formatting


Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: Sales Training

Microsoft Word Document