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Collect Leads with City Tours

A guide to help you plan a campaign for city tours and collect leads from those tours.

A matrix to rate and compare tradeshows based on weighted criteria.

A customizable checklist to help you prepare for managing a company conference.

Use this template to keep track of your conference costs.

Use this to organize important information for all of your conference attendees.

Use this template to measure the return on investment for trade shows.

A tool to track all the tradeshows you attend, monitor your budget and calculate ROI.

An agenda with a checklist of activities and timelines to keep you on schedule at your event.

A matrix to help you compare potential venue options based on your event's requirements.

A checklist to evaluate tradeshows and your competitors' presence.

A policy template to outline standards for acceptable staff behavior.

A template to assist you with documenting interactions that take place during tradeshows.

A survey to evaluate the quality of conferences or events you attend.

A template to quickly document the role and responsibilities for this position.

A template to create a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Event Management Services.

A checklist to help organize event planning activities before, during, and after the event.

Tradeshow Sponsorship


Use this Smart Program as a starting point, or customize it to align with your existing process, to create a repeatable workflow for attending and sponsoring events.


Event Marketing Strategy


Our Event Marketing Smart Project will guide you through the steps to create an engaging events program.  This project plan contains over 25 resources including training courses, playbooks, frameworks, how-to guides, tools, templates, and webinars.

Webinar Strategy

Related Resources 

Our Webinar Program Smart Project will guide you through the steps to successfully build a thriving webinar program that engages your prospects, customers and internal staff.  This project plan contains over 50 resources including how-to guides, tools, templates, webinars, and related playbook & toolkits (Event Marketing, Lead Generation, Product Marketing, Marketing Communications, and Content Marketing).