Conference Planning Checklist

Resource Overview

A customizable checklist to help you prepare for managing a company conference.


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Your Problem

You need to prepare for an upcoming conference. It is important to organize and to communicate everything involved in the planning and execution of the conference in an efficient manner.

Our Solution

We created the Conference Planning Checklist to help you organize everything related to your company´s conference. This tool provides your team with a standardized planning checklist so that you have a resource you can refer to.

In this template, we include details such as the scheduling, location, decoration, and agenda of the conference. This is a great organizational tool that will help you stay on track and make sure that nothing is overlooked when you are putting together a conference.

Key Benefits

  • helps you organize everything related to a conference
  • standardized planning checklist
  • includes samples of typical conference needs
  • easily customize to fit your company's needs
  • save 2 hours on formatting


Microsoft Excel Document

Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: Microsoft Excel (Advanced)