Tradeshow Program ROI Calculator

Resource Overview

A tool to track all the tradeshows you attend, monitor your budget and calculate ROI.


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Your Problem

You need organize your tradeshow program and determine which tradeshows provide the greatest ROI.

Our Solution

We created the Tradeshow Program ROI Calculator to track costs, leads acquired and tasks for up to 20 tradeshows and then calculates a cost breakdown (pie chart) and provides charts for total cost per tradeshow, cost per lead for each tradeshow, and total leads acquired for each tradeshow.

Key Benefits

  • easy to document costs, tasks, & leads acquired
  • automatically creates 4 charts
  • compares cost per lead to determine ROI
  • helps you decide which tradeshows to re-attend
  • save 10 hours on formatting


Estimated Time Required: 6 Hours

Skills Required: Event Management

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet