Code of Conduct Policy

Resource Overview

A policy template to outline standards for acceptable staff behavior.


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Your Problem

You need to ensure staff behave appropriately in and out of the office.

Our Solution

We created the Code of Conduct Policy to outline standards for acceptable staff behavior.  As representatives of your organization and brand, you must ensure that all staff adhere to a standard behavior code that enables a safe & productive work environment.  Utilize this 7-page Microsoft Word document to set your behavior code then share it with your staff to be reviewed and signed to ensure everyone understands the policy.

Key Benefits

  • outlines standards for acceptable work-related behavior
  • set expectations for staff functions
  • comprehensive 7-page template easy to modify and edit
  • save 5 hours on writing & formatting
  • ensures a safe and productive working environment


Microsoft Word Document

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Human Resources