Eliminating Friction in the Funnel Infographic

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To understand the current state of the marketing funnel, GetResponse and Demand Metric partnered to research how much friction is in today’s marketing funnel, and where it most commonly appears.


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Is your marketing funnel free of problems? Marketers aspire to have a funnel that is a well-oiled machine, highly automated with ample leads flowing smoothly from top to bottom. The reality, however, is that few marketers have funnels that perform flawlessly even some of the time. 

There is almost always some “friction” in the funnel that impedes the ability of leads to flow from one section to another. For many marketing organizations, it’s common to have one section of the funnel that works well, while another section is problematic.

Marketers find themselves applying time, effort, technology, and resources to address “hot spots” in their funnels. Once addressed, the hot spots rarely go away completely; they just relocate to a different part of the funnel. 

Key Findings

Less than 20% of study participants report have strong or complete integration of funnel sections with only a minority of participants – less than 30% – having a precise understanding of funnel ROI.

The top of the funnel is the most automated section, but less than 20% of study participants report most to full automation for any funnel section. In fact, study participants rated the top funnel section as best performing, and the middle section as worst performing.

When funnel sections are automated, performance almost doubles as a result, with the biggest performance gains coming in the middle section.

Integrating sections of the funnel has a powerful impact on performance: the top and middle sections saw a 3X improvement compared to funnels that lack integration. The bottom section saw a 2X improvement. 

Are you looking to improve your funnel performance? 

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