eWorkshop: Funnel Flow Benchmarking Study - 2017

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This live session is ideal if you're looking to understand how well leads flow through your sales & marketing funnel.


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eWorkshop Description:

How well do leads flow through your sales & marketing funnel?

MRP and Demand Metric recently completed a study in an effort to measure how well leads flow through your sales & marketing funnel. 

The analysis of this study’s data provides insight into the following questions:

  • How much effort is required to pull leads through the funnel?
  • Where do friction points and logjams exist?
  • Which technologies are in use to improve funnel lead flow?

Join Jerry Rackley, Chief Analyst at Demand Metric, and Jim Regan, Co-Founder and CMO at MRP, as they share and discuss the key findings of our 2017 Funnel Flow Benchmark Report.

About the Presenters

Jerry Rackley - Chief Analyst, Demand Metric

With 30 years experience in Marketing at organizations like IBM and Esker Software, Jerry is an expert in Market Research, Product Management, PR, Positioning, and B2B Marketing. He oversees all Demand Metric's primary research and is also adjunct faculty at OSU in Oklahoma.  

Jim Regan - Co-Founder and CMO, Market Resource Partners

Jim, overseeing LATAM, founded MRP with Kevin Cunningham in 2002. As the CMO, Jim is responsible for keeping MRP on the cutting edge of marketing services and works on the architecture and execution of MRP’s internal marketing efforts. Jim also oversees the management of MRP’s growing team internal marketing managers, marketing coordinators, and account executives, coaching, training, and constantly challenging the team to excel.