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Marketing Technology Stack Diagram

Use this template to communiate which vendors you are using for various marketing technology categories across your customer lifecycle.

Review the Agency Transition Model to understand the best practices required to transition from one agency partner to another.

Shopper Marketing Journey Stages Template

A template to document "journey stages" for each of your shopper personas.

Crisis Procedure for the Media Template

The Crisis Procedure for the Media Template is designed to ensure you follow crisis best practices with members of the media during a crisis.

Review this process diagram to understand and complete the 7 steps of the post-production stage of video production.

Use this process diagram to understand the stages of the video production process and the details that go into each stage.

Customer Journey Map

Use this tool to visually depict the customer journey across 5 phases: Discovery/Research, Evaluation/Comparison, Decision/Purchase, Implementation, and Support/Renew.

CRM Maturity Map

Use this tool to visually depict your CRM process maturity across Marketing, Sales, Customer & Field Service, Analytics, Infrastructure, and E-Commerce/Web.

Lead Qualification Process Diagram

A tool to help you visualize what steps need to be taken to qualify a new sales lead in your CRM system.

Aligned Sales and Marketing Funnel

Use this tool to organize your sales & marketing activities along a shared opportunity funnel.

Buying Process Stage Template

A template to document "buying stages" for each of your buyer personas.

Content Mapping Template

Use this template to create a visual representation of your content marketing plan.

A template to help you illustrate the purchase process for your product.

Use this to communicate the 5 key stages of product development, define checkpoints for go/no-go decisions, and document required deliverables.

lead acquisition model

Use this process diagram to communicate your lead generation & nurturing process.