Post-Production Workflow Model

Resource Overview

Review this process diagram to understand and complete the 7 steps of the post-production stage of video production.


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Your Problem

You want to understand the steps involved in post-production stage of video production.  You also want to gain key insights into each of these steps and what tasks are involved in order to complete each step.

Our Solution

Our Post-Production Workflow Model was developed to help you understand the 4th stage of video production - post-production (also known as editing).  Post-Production is a linear process that is essential to producing quality video content.

This tool enables you to learn about the 7 steps of post-production: Assembly Edit, Images & Graphics, Titles Pass, Sound Spotting, Polishing Edit, Audio Finesse and Final Export.  Each step lists various tasks that must be completed before moving on to the next step in the process.

Review our Video Production Stages Map to learn how this tool fits into the entire video production process.

Key Benefits

  • provides a studio-proven process
  • outlines the 7 steps of post-production
  • includes editing & formatting tips
  • enables you to efficiently complete this stage
  • simple process diagram format


Microsoft PowerPoint Document

Estimated Time Required: 6 Hours

Skills Required: Video Editing