The State of Artificial Intelligence Video Infographic

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting a lot of attention in marketing circles and for good reason; it promises to transform marketing.

Using a survey to collect data, participants in B2B organizations with $25 million or more in annual revenues shared their views and experience with AI for marketing and sales.

The results of this report provide details on these and other key findings, and will help the B2B marketing community position itself to exploit AI in 2019.

Key Findings

Demandbase and Salesforce Pardot partnered with Demand Metric and found that two-thirds of marketing and sales teams are currently planning, evaluating, or implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Over 40% of marketing organizations aren’t yet exploiting the AI capabilities built into their current martech stack.

Those already using AI report that the hype surrounding its use is warranted. Organizations can expect to get real value from AI quickly, in less than 6 months for three-fourths of the AI users in this study. 

AI-enabled organizations can expect to see a revenue lift of 10% or more, with over two-thirds of the AI users in this study reporting 20% or more revenue within two years.

Download the full report today for additional insights and to dive deeper into how AI can radically transform your sales and marketing initiatives.