Agency Performance Review

Resource Overview

Use this performance review to evaluate the efforts of the agencies you work with closely.


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Your Problem

You need to evaluate the performance of the agencies you work with to realize successes and/or failures within the partnership. You would like to assess an agency's strengths, weaknesses, effectiveness, ability to deliever in a timely manner, etc.

Our Solution

We have designed the Agency Performance Review to assist you in evaluating the performance of the agencies you work with to complete any type of outsourced work.  This Microsoft Word document provides you with a series of sections to include an in-depth analysis of an agency's performance.  The sections we have included are: Overview of Previous Period; Accomplishments and Obstacles; Strengths and Opportunities; Goals, Targets and Action Items; Suggestions for Organizational Improvement; Competency Self-Evaluation; Competency Manager-Evaluation of Agency; & Agency Development Plan.

Just like employee performance reviews, it is important to evaluate the productivity and deliverables of your agencies on a consistent basis in order to ensure the relationship remains mutually beneficial.

Key Benefits

  • allows you to evaluate an agency's performance
  • includes space to detail work completed and targets acheived
  • ensures your relationship remains beneficial to both parties
  • enables agency relationship development and improvement
  • saves time on creating your own review template


Microsoft Word Document

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Agency Relationship Development