Ad Agency Request For Information

Resource Overview

A template to quickly develop Request for Information (RFI) for Ad Agency Selection.


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Your Problem

You need to learn more about potential advertising agencies before interviewing them. Your company requires a standardized request information template in order to compare different advertising agencies. Decision making on advertising agencies demands a comprehensive set of information, which is best presented in an organized request information template.

Our Solution

We offer a Microsoft Word request information template to quickly develop Request for Information (RFI) for ad agency selection. Through this request information template, ad agencies can provide their address, URL, contact information and the name of the firm. 

RFIs allow agencies to provide background information on their firms and to highlight successes they have had with similar clients. The company presenting its profile can show example cases of different advertising projects that have worked well in the past. Additionally, advertising agencies can highlight specific details about the agency, providing information on the members of the proposed account team. Our request for information template also provides the agency important information about the selection process, including deadlines and company contact information.    

Key Benefits

  • helps you create a short-list of agencies
  • professionally formatted document
  • controls the bidding process
  • save 3 hours on formatting
  • easy to edit and modify


Microsoft Word Document

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Procurement Analysis