Ad Agency Agreement Template

Resource Overview

A template for documenting the terms and conditions of your agreement with an ad agency.


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Your Problem

You need to put a formal agreement in place with an ad agency. It is important that you list each part of the agreement to help clarify the roles and responsibilities of the ad agency and your company.

Our Solution

We created the Ad Agency Agreement Template to help you document the terms and conditions of an agreement with an ad agency. This template allows you to clearly specify the services that an agency will be providing your company, in addition to the fees, terms of payment, duration, and more. In this template you can also write the general conditions of the agreement, which will include your company's responsibilities. This template can be easily used in collaboration with the legal department of a company.

Key Benefits

  • 4-page agreement template
  • written with real legal language 
  • requires review from your legal council
  • save 2 hours on formatting
  • set expectations for agency and company


Microsoft Word Document

Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: Microsoft Word