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The State of Sales Onboarding & Training Research Report

The following report summarizes the results of this year’s survey and shares practical insights from over 400 sales teams that will help you get reps selling faster and retain them for longer.

The State of Customer Experience Omnichannel Report

Mitto and Demand Metric recently partnered to understand how marketing and customer support teams create loyal customers, and how they will improve the customer experience they deliver in 2022 and beyond.

The Future of Events 2021

Remo and Demand Metric recently partnered to explore how the events landscape has shifted during the COVID-19 global pandemic and what impact the return of in-person events will have on businesses. The following report summarizes the results of this year’s survey and shares insights from over 400 study participants.

State of Customer Engagement in B2C Marketing

Mitto partnered with Demand Metric at the beginning of 2021 to take the pulse of over 500 marketers
who shared their experience with a variety of digital channels. The objective of this research effort was to find out exactly how marketers are using and plan to use digital communications in their customer engagement efforts.

The State of Email Marketing 2021

Since 2018, Validity and Demand Metric have researched email marketing to examine which tactics marketers are using, how well they are working, and what challenges prevent greater success with email.


Vidyard and Demand Metric recently partnered to understand how organizations and business professionals are using video while working remotely, what non-traditional use cases have emerged, and what impact video is having.


Validity and Demand Metric partnered to measure the impact CRM data quality has on sales team effectiveness, revenue generation, and the success of business initiatives. 


Demandbase and Demand Metric recently completed research to illuminate the marketing technology stack challenges B2B firms face as they execute Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy.


Demandbase and Salesforce Pardot partnered with Demand Metric to take the pulse of over 100 B2B marketing and sales people about their understanding, usage, impact, and optimism surrounding AI.


To understand the current state of the marketing funnel, GetResponse and Demand Metric partnered to research how much friction is in today’s marketing funnel, and where it most commonly appears.

State of Product and GTM Strategy

This report shows the importance of taking a disciplined approach to GTM and provides practical insights that will help you increase profitability and shareholder value.

State of Marketing Measurement

Marketing measurement is a key means to setting, achieving, and exceeding organizational goals. However, approaches to marketing measurement can differ significantly from one team to the next. This report summarizes the results of this year’s survey and shares insights from over 300 marketers.

The State of Marketing Budgets Research Report

Integrate and Demand Metric partnered to explore the current state of B2B marketing budgets, hiring, and resource allocations.  This report shares insights from over 500 B2B Marketers from the United States and the United Kingdom.

The Enterprise Marketers’ Guide to ABM concludes a series of proprietary, multi-part research reports that delve into the unique principles and best practices of enterprise ABM today. Including findings from over 1,200 study participants across 5 continents, this report is designed to be easily actionable for enterprise marketers with essential insights and data-driven strategies for executing ABM in complex operating environments.

The State of Video Research Report

This annual research effort aims to examine the use of video in business, how it’s measured, and its impact. This year’s report provides insights that will help your team understand how to leverage video and measure its effectiveness.

The State of Virtual Selling

Vidyard, Demand Metric, and Corporate Visions partnered to understand how video is leveraged throughout the sales process and its impact on the sales team’s results. The following report summarizes the results of this year’s survey and shares insights from over 600 study participants.

The State of ABM Maturity 2021

After researching the practice of Account-Based Marketing for nearly seven years, Demand Metric and MRP have compiled research into thousands of companies and their marketing teams. The following report shares insights from over 400 B2B marketers across five continents. This year’s report examines the relationship between maturity and revenue impact across ABMs’ four core strategy elements: People, Process, Technology, and Orchestration. Our hypothesis: High maturity responses to these strategy components will result in higher revenue impact.


For the second consecutive year, Demand Metric and PFL partnered to understand how nearly 600 marketers use multichannel marketing and the power of intentional, coordinated marketing efforts.


In this guide, you will discover insights from our research study and project management best practices gleaned from top-performing marketing organizations.


Demand Metric partnered with Seismic to conduct this research study to benchmark how sales enablement technology can impact consulting firms.

Return Path and Demand Metric partnered to study the state of email marketing to equip marketers with data and best practices to improve the use of email.

To find out if sales tool integration matters, CallidusCloud and Demand Metric partnered to field a survey and ask marketing and sales professionals about the current state of tool integration, and what benefits come when tools are integrated.


To discover the impact of content consistency, Demand Metric partnered with MarcomCentral to assess the state of content consistency and discover how inconsistent – fragmented – content impacts the sale team and revenue.


Demand Metric, in partnership with MRP, has completed a study about the current state of the funnel. The “funnel flow” survey measured how well leads flow through the sales and marketing funnel.