The State of Enterprise ABM Research Report

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The Enterprise Marketers’ Guide to ABM concludes a series of proprietary, multi-part research reports that delve into the unique principles and best practices of enterprise ABM today. Including findings from over 1,200 study participants across 5 continents, this report is designed to be easily actionable for enterprise marketers with essential insights and data-driven strategies for executing ABM in complex operating environments.


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Enterprise marketers who achieve positive revenue impact through ABM, play by different rules.

In 2021, MRP released a white paper titled “ABM Execution in Light of Enterprise Reality,” which cast light on the undeniable truth that most ABM platforms are not solving the needs of today’s Enterprise marketers.

As Enterprises rush to accelerate the delivery of effective account-based marketing (ABM) programs, the platforms that support it have become a critical bottleneck. Enterprise organizations have a sophisticated go-to-market approach, with specialized teams focused on products or geographies and subject matter experts who compose their ABM program development. This sophisticated go-to-market approach creates a paramount need for ABM to be actionable across all teams, driving the need for a multitenant, collaborative platform.

Earlier this year, Demand Metric and MRP partnered to validate the different needs of SMB and Enterprise ABM programs and help Enterprises identify the specific capabilities and platform requirements that lead to ABM success.

The following report provides a guide to successfully executing ABM in a complex operating environment and shares insights from over 1,200 study participants across 5 continents.