Social Media ROI Benchmark Report

Resource Overview

A benchmark report to explore the ROI that B2B organizations are getting from their Social Media investments.


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As a marketing channel, social media has many applications, and the primary goal for most B2B firms is either brand awareness or lead generation. While usage is high and effectiveness is moderate, the perceived Return-on-Investment (ROI) for social media is quite unspectacular, as this report will detail. Demand Metric in partnership with Socedo set out to discover the current B2B social media practices, collecting over 475 complete and partial responses to the study survey. The data from this survey paints the current social media landscape that this report shares, and the analysis of that data provides best practice insights for improving the results B2B marketers are getting from social media.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Social Media Presence
  4. B2B Social media Marketing Goals
  5. Social Media Lead Generation
  6. Social media Tool Usage
  7. Staffing for Social Media
  8. Social Media Metrics
  9. Social Media ROI
  10. Analyst Bottom Line
  11. Acknowledgements
  12. Appendix: Survey Background


Research Methodology

This 2016 Social Media Investment and Returns Study survey was administered online during the period of July 29 through August 31, 2016. During this period, 482 responses were collected, 401 of which were qualified and complete enough for inclusion in the analysis. Only valid or correlated findings are shared in this report.