SEO Keyword Value Estimator

Resource Overview

Use our SEO Keyword Value Estimator tool to calculate the profit opportunities on a target keyword, for each of the 10 organic positions on the first page of a search engine.


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Your Problem

You need to evaluate how profitable each keyword position is worth to you, in organic search listings.

Our Solution

The SEO Keyword Value Estimator is designed to help you estimate the value per visitor, and to help you calculate the return on investment possible if you are able to achieve first page rankings on a search engine for your target keyword. By sharing some facts about your keyword, including how many visitors it recieves daily and how much the landing page you are optimizing can convert that visitor into a sale (your conversion ratio), this tool will provide the profit potential for each of the top possible rankings. This tool is supported by the latest data on how much traffic each position gets, and can be easisly updated with your own numbers or estimates.

This tool has the ability to estimate both lead generation and any transactional pages (e-commerce). Use this tool to help you understand the value that getting a high search engine ranking will provide you.

Key Benefits

  • identify opportunities for profit
  • select keywords that are profitable
  • understand what positions are worth
  • works for both e-commerce and lead generation