Sales Growth Team Charter

Resource Overview

A charter template to set the mandate and outline responsibilities for a sales growth team.


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Your Problem

You need to increase sales in your organization by putting together a tactical sales growth team, like a sales steering committee, to improve the sales process and to better align sales with marketing. It is required that you present your company with a clear process for a sales growth team, which can be used to encourage best practices and to identify weaknesses in the company's sales and marketing processes.

Our Solution

We created a Sales Growth Team Charter template to help your company set a mandate and outline key responsibilities for a sales growth team. Sections in this template include: Purpose, definition, committee members, mandate, and agreement.

When using this Sales Growth Team Charter template, you need to first enter the information the template requests, including the name of the individuals taking the primary positions within the committees. After entering this information, the template will enable you to better communicate and outline responsibilities with your team. This resource will also save you approximately two hours of research and writing. For background info, read our Executive Summary: Sales Growth Teams Drive Results

Key Benefits

  • easy to customize Word document
  • clearly organizes team & meeting frequency
  • faciliates strong collaboration with defined roles
  • save 2 hours on research & writing
  • ensures commitment with signatures


Microsoft Word Document

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Responsibility Analysis