Sales Forecasting Tool

Resource Overview

Use this tool to prioritize and manage sales opportunities.


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Your Problem

You need to create a sales forecasting tool to analyze your company’s sales opportunities.

Our Solution

We created the Sales Forecasting Tool to help you prioritize and manage sales opportunities. This tool enables you to chart total vs expected revenue, opportunities at certain stages, probabilities, deal size and top objections. The template works by providing you with a space to fill out the details of a prospect, including the customer name, region, what product or program they are looking to purchase, the expected close date, the stage in the sale´s cycle, and the probability of success.

The resource will then display the deal size and a calculation for expected revenue. This final option will help you determine where the objections in the market are, and the template then generates charts that can be used to share the analysis. A more advanced section of the tool is a weighting tab where you can prioritize opportunities in terms of strategic fit, economic impact and feasibility. This option generates a table and bubble matrix to display your best opportunities.

For background info, read our Executive Summary: Achieving Corporate Sales Targets

Key Benefits

  • can be used to prioritize and manage sales opportunities
  • displays the deal size and a calculation for the expected revenue
  • simple and easy to use
  • comprehensive excel template
  • can be easily customized


Microsoft Excel Document

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Microsoft Excel