Online Community Readiness Assessment

Resource Overview

A self-assessment to evaluate readiness to move forward with building an online community.


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Your Problem

You are currently evaluating the idea of creating an online commmunity for your organization.  You need to gauge if your organization is prepared to build or implement an online community into its current business strategy.

Our Solution

We created the Online Community Readiness Assessment to determine if you are prepared for an online community initiative.  This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet takes you through a self-assessment of key criteria to evaluate if building an online commmunity would fit into your overall business strategy including: Senior Management Commitment; Alignment with Business Goals & Objectives; Online Community Knowledge of Best Practices; Planning and Staff, Systems & Training.  Once you have completed the self-assessment, you will be provided will a set of results and recommendations.

Key Benefits

  • defines online community best practices
  • measures overall preparedness for intiative
  • can provide use case for support in intiative
  • graphs your readiness on spider-chart
  • automatically generates results and recommendations


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: Excel (basic)