Online Community Governance Document

Resource Overview

Use this template to help you govern your corporate online community.


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Your Problem

You need to create a governance document that will help you govern your online community.

Our Solution

At the highest level, this Online Community Governance Document is intended to address various issues,including: Governance Goals, Governance Structure, Governance Process, Online Community Training, Online Community Funding Model, etc.  

This Microsoft Word template will provide you with a standarized goverance document format.  This will allow you to easily document and share to help the coporate governance policy related to your online community.

Key Benefits

  • a professional goverance document template
  • conducts due diligence for your online community
  • facilitiates communication of online community policies
  • identifies key risks to your online community
  • easily customized and shared


Microsoft Word Document

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Policy Documentation