Online Community Business Case

Resource Overview

This business case will help you determine the benefits on an online community for your organization in order to gain senior management support.


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Your Problem

You have completed your research on online communities and discovered it would be greatly beneficial to your organization.  You now need to gain the support of your superiors in order to fund the online community build

Our Solution

We created the Online Community Business to help you justify the use case for an online community within your company.  This Microsoft Word template allows you to document the following regarding your use case: Executive Summary, Opportunity Overview & Key Success Factors, Assumptions & Decision-Making Criterion, Business Impact Analysis, Risks & Contingency Plans and Recommendations.

The in-depth quality of this document will provide you with ample ammo to gain acceptance and support from your senior management team.

Key Benefits

  • a professional business case format
  • 12 pages of suggestions for content
  • provides an in-depth guideline
  • enables senior management support
  • saves 10 hours on formatting


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: Excel (basic)