Online Community Budget Template

Resource Overview

This tool will help you estimate and evaluate the costs of your online community.


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Your Problem

You are required to evaluate the costs of buidling an online community to get senior management and/or financial approval.

Our Solution

Our Online Community Budget Template assists in estimating the costs of buidling an online community. This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet evaluates the following online community budget items: Software Licensing, Design & Architecture, Implementation & Support (outsourced), Website Integration (outsourced), Staff (in-house Community Manager), Promotion/Marketing Campaigns and Content Development (in-house).

Since every organization's needs are different, feel free to edit the budget items in order to accomodate your online community initiative.

Key Benefits

  • easy-to-use budget template
  • identifies common budget items
  • assists in gaining senior management & finance support
  • includes automatically generated graphs
  • assesses costs on a yearly & monthly basis


Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Budgeting

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet