Infographic: The Business of Gamification

Resource Overview

This infographic provides statistics and best practices for gamification.

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Executive Summary

Gamification has quickly become a super trend in marketing, customer retention and employee engagement.  Check out this new infographic: The Business of Gamification to learn: what gamification is, how it works, facts and stats, business benefits, and how to get started.  

Our Gamification Infographic provides statistics and best practices for online communities and the use of gamification. There are 35 statistics in the infographic and sections are organized by: the current state of content marketing, why you need content marketing, and the content marketing process.  If you are new to online communities or need to better understand how other organizations are leveraging gamiciation, this infographic is invaluable.

If you are considering the use of online communities in your organization, take a look at our Online Community Plan Methodology.

To see gamification in action, join the Demand Metric community and learn how our points, badges, ranks and levels work.

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