Creating Successful Online Videos

Resource Overview

If you give people a choice between watching a short instructional video and reading a manual, most will choose the video. Read this guide to help you understand the importance of online videos and how to create your own for your business.


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Executive Summary

We live in a world of social media, 4G mobile data speeds, easy to use video editing and publishing tools, and most of us carry video-capable smart phones. Publishing online video continues to get better and easier to produce. Smart brands are exploiting online video as the channel to engage customers when other channels are ineffective. They provide an opportunity for your audience to see your brand as something more than a faceless corporation. Online video represents a way to expand and lock in a new audience for your business.

This How-To Guide explains the purpose behind creating online videos for your brand, provides a list of key factors in a successful video, details how to measure your success, and outlines an action plan on how to start creating successful online videos of your own.

Read this brief 10-page guide to understand the following:

  1. The benefits of online videos
  2. How to make your own videos
  3. What you will need to make clever and creative videos that increase your brand awareness


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