Content Marketing Assets Database

Resource Overview

Use this template to manage & audit your content marketing assets.


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Your Problem

You need a system for managing your content marketing assets.

Our Solution

A Microsoft Excel content marketing database that will help you keep track your content marketing assets. Asset types include: Videos, Infographics, eBooks, Articles, Newsletters, Reports, Press Releases, Webinars, Case Studies, How-To Guides, Data Sheets, ROI Calculators, Pricing Sheets, etc. You can also use this template to conduct an audit of your content marketing assets and to identify GAPs.

Download our free Content Marketing Methodology, which uses this tool to help you implement a Content Marketing Program that gets results.

Key Benefits

  • facilitates communication with team
  • manage everything in one place
  • professional looking document
  • easy to use content marketing management system
  • save 4 hours on formatting


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Excel (Advanced)