Conducting Successful Product Launches

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Read this guide to learn how to conduct a successful product launch.


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Executive Summary

Depending on which industry statistics you choose to believe, the percentage of new products that fail is high: between 25 and 50 percent.  For companies where products are their path to revenue and growth, the failure of a single product is often crippling.  There are many reasons products can fail in the market, but a poor product launch is perhaps the most preventable of them all.

The product launch is a critical step in the go-to market strategy for a product, yet it is often neglected.  A well-planned launch will accelerate product revenue, establish the product in the market the way you've positioned it and provide a springboard for post-launch product marketing efforts. This How-To Guide will define a product launch, when one is needed, who should serve on the launch team, what the critical success factors are and conclude with an action plan on how plan and execute your own product launch.

Read this brief 7-page guide to understand the following:

  1. What is a "product launch"?
  2. When is a product launch needed?
  3. Who makes up the product launch team?


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