Online Community Risk Assessment

Resource Overview

Use this to document risks for your online community and develop risk mitigation plans to control them.


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Your Problem

You need to document risks associated with your online community initiative, assess their impact and probability, and develop risk mitigation plans.

Our Solution

We created the Online Community Risk Assessment to help you document the risks that may be associated with creating and implementing an online community in your company.  With this Microsoft Excel template, you will be able to assess the outcomess & probablity of those risks as well as to prioritize your risk mitigation efforts. This tool can be used to help you keep track and identify risk throughout an online community project's life cycle.

Key Benefits

  • tracks risks throughout the production and implementation of an online community
  • identifies risks that may jepordize the success of your online community
  • allows you mitigate potential risks before problems occur
  • save 2 hours on formatting
  • easy to use Excel format


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Excel (Basic)