Online Community Policies & Guidelines

Resource Overview

Use this template to help you create reasonable guidelines for internal behavior by employees and contractors in relation to your online community.


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Your Problem

You need to create corporate guidelines for appropriate usage of and conduct on your online community.

Our Solution

We created the Online Community Policies & Guidelines template to help you standardize appropriate behavior by employees and contractors who are engaging in communication and production of your organization's online community.  It will help for you to present this document (along with other HR documents) at the beginning of an employee or contractor's usage of this system.

Key Benefits

  • includes a comprehensive set of guidelines
  • provides a sample terms of use policy
  • explicit expectations on corporate online community usage
  • general expectations on personal use of the online community by employees & contractors
  • easily customized to suit your needs


Microsoft Word Document

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Policy Doumentation