Mobile Marketing Business Case

Resource Overview

A template to build a business case for an investment in a mobile marketing program.


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Your Problem

You know it makes sense to start a mobile marketing initiative, but you can't justify it based on instincts alone.

Our Solution

We created the Mobile Marketing Business Case to create a rational, defensible business case for making an investment in a mobile marketing program. This 11-page Microsoft Word document will help you justify your mobile marketing investment by allowing you to analyze the following sections: Executive Summary, Opportunity Overview & Key Success Factors, Assumptions & Decision-Making Criterion, Business Impact Analysis, Risks & Contingency Plans and Recommendation.

Key Benefits

  • identify the opportunity for mobile marketing
  • document key assumptions and decision-making criteria
  • illustrate the business impact with a cost-benefit analysis
  • identify risks and contingency plans
  • make intelligent recommendations for implementation


Microsoft Word Document

Estimated Time Required: 6 Hours

Skills Required: Business Writing (Advanced)