Interview Questions Tool

Resource Overview

A template to facilitate the development of standardized interview questions.


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Your Problem

You need to ask the right questions to determine if a candidate is the right person for the position. It is required that you come up with a systematic interview process that can bring transparency and fairness to your selection processes. For this process, you need to have a structured Interview Question Template to appropriately select employees.

Our Solution

We created the Microsoft Word Interview Question Template to facilitate the development of standardized interview questions that highlight situational, behavioral, attitudinal, self-awareness, skills, and knowledge-based responses from your prospective employee.

Our Interview Question Template provides a list of easy to answer questions, which you can modify and delete as you see fit. Using our 25 prewritten key interview questions you will hire better employees and contractors, and you will receive improved insight into each candidate’s history. Added to this, our Interview Question template will eliminate any anxiety related to the interview process.

For more information, read our Executive Summary:  Conducting Insightful Interviews.

Key Benefits

  • improved insight into candidate history
  • provides 25 key interview questions
  • hire better employees & contractors
  • reduce churn by hiring more effectively
  • eliminate anxiety related to interview process


Microsoft Word Document

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: HR Analysis