Exit Interview Questions Tool

Resource Overview

A template to facilitate the development of standardized exit interview questions.


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Your Problem

You are looking to learn why employees are leaving the organization, and are tasked with determining the areas your company needs to improve upon to minimize employee turnover. It is your responsibility to determine if there are recurrent issues employees are unhappy with. It is important that you address these issues to help your company avoid the expenses that occur with employee turnover

Our Solution

We created the Exit Interview Questions Template to help you better understand why an employee is leaving. The goal of the Exit Interview Questions Template is to uncover areas that can be improved upon to reduce churn and the cost of turnover.

Our interview tool will help increase your knowledge of internal issues, as well as will help promote candid feedback and the generation of new ideas for organizational improvement. The Exit Interview Questions Template is customizable, and includes ten questions to guide you through the process. Topics in the interview template include reasons the employee is leaving, the work-life balance the employee has, and the final feedback the employee has to offer.

Key Benefits

  • increased knowledge of internal issues
  • promotes candid feedback
  • gain ideas for organizational improvement
  • ends working relationship on good terms
  • opens the door to future opportunities


Microsoft Word Document

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: HR Analysis