eWorkshop: Bringing Science to the Art of Video Marketing

Resource Overview

This eWorkshop was presented by the CMO of Vidyard, Tyler Lessard, at Demand Metric's Digital Marketing Virtual Summit in June of 2014. This workshop discusses Video Marketing as a science and an art form.

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eWorkshop Description:

In the following eWorkshop by Vidyard, we will be focusing on the topic of Video Marketing. In the Video Marketing eWorkshop you will learn insights and tips as well as other elements such as :

  • Maximizing Reach and Click-through Rates
  • Tracking Viewer Engagement and Minimizing Drop-offs
  • Capturing Viewer Indentity and Tracking Viewing Behaviors
  • Scoring, Segmenting and Nurturing Viewers
  • Tracking Video Content Attribution to the Sales Pipeline


This eWorkshop is ideal for any marketing professional who needs to improve their Video Marketing capabilities.

About the Presenter

Tyler Lessard - CMO, Vidyard

Lessard is a Marketing, Product and Business Development executive with a passion for customer-centric problem solving and leading high performance teams in Information Technology markets. He has over 13 years of experience in wireless technology, enterprise mobility and video marketing with a diverse background in Business Development, Marketing, Ecosystem Development and Product Management. As CMO of Vidyard, he is responsible for driving Vidyard's global marketing and partnership strategies, as well as establishing thought leadership in the areas of Video and Content Marketing, Video Analytics and Video-based Learning and Education.