Video Marketing Maturity Assessment

Resource Overview

Utilize our Video Marketing Maturity Assessment to assess your organization's current Video Marketing capabilities.


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Your Problem

You need to evaluate your organization's Video Marketing capabilities and you want see to see how mature your strategies, processes and technologies are based on best practices.  

Our Solution

The Video Marketing Maturity Assessment enables you to evaluate where your organization stands in terms of Video Marketing capabilities. Evaluate your organization's maturity based on 5 categories: Senior Managment Commitment, Alignment with Business Goals & Objectives, Video Marketing Knowledge & Trends, Planning and Staffing & Technology.
Complete the self assessment in the Self Assessment tab to yield a readiness assessment score and a comprehensive analysis of your assessment in the results tab. In the Recommendations tab, best practices that have been rated between 1-3 will receive a suggestion to help your organization mature its video marketing program.

Key Benefits

  • can be easily customized
  • identifies video marketing best practices
  • includes a detailed self-assessment
  • calculates a detailed analysis of the results
  • provides recommendations for improvement


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: Excel (Basic)