Management & Leadership Assessment

Resource Overview

Use this tool to evaluate your organization’s management & leadership capabilities.


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Your Problem

You want to attract the best talent to your company and in order to do so, it is important that you evaluate your current leadership team and the quality of your company's management.

Our Solution

We created the Management & Leadership Assessment Tool to help you evaluate your organization’s management and leadership capabilities. This tool allows you to rate your company across the following: Leadership, Training, Staffing, Budgeting, Purchasing, Project Management, Communication, and Team Building. This tool can you help you identify areas of weakness in your company that can be improved upon. With this tool, once you have completed the requested assessment, you will be provided with the results and recommendations for improvement.

For background info, read our Executive Summary:Developing Stronger Leaders

Key Benefits

  • easy to use Excel format
  • helps you evaluate your organization’s management
  • save 2 hours
  • provides recommendations for management
  • identifies areas of weakness


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Excel (Advanced)