Entering the European Market Successfully

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Read this guide to learn the steps needed in order to successfully enter the European market.


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Executive Summary

Leaving your domestic comfort zone to operate in another country or even continent requires careful planning. Expanding into new geographical markets is very exciting, but also very nerve-wracking. Any firm considering entering into international business transactions must understand that doing business abroad is not a simple task. It is stimulating and potentially profitable in the long-term but requires much preparation and research prior to the first transaction.

Europe is probably the most heterogeneous continent on our globe, making understanding market potential more challenging than in more homogeneous markets. Because of the European Union, it’s tempting to view Europe as a single market. In reality, you must consider each country as a market, because each country has a different mix of history, culture, language and business etiquette.

This How-To Guide will describe the steps required to successfully expand into the European market.

Read this 7-page guide to understand the following:

  1. Understand market potential
  2. Identify product-market comibinations
  3. Identify a local partner
  4. Launch and start selling


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