Balance Sheet Template

Resource Overview

A tool to help you develop a comparative balance sheet and financial ratios.


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Your Problem

>You need to create a snapshot of your company's financial position on a specific date (FYE). It is important that you compare this financial data to prior company performance.

Our Solution

We built the Balance Sheet Template to help youncreate a snapshot of your company’s financial position on a specific date (FYE). This tool works by first providing you with a comparison spreadsheet, enabling you to compare prior year´s performances to this years. Once you have listed company assets, liabilities and owner's equity, our tool will automatically calculate your cash ratio, working capital, current ratio, and quick ratio.

This organizational tool will provide you with a clear view into your company's finances.

Key Benefits

  • provides a real-time snapshot of your company's finances
  • easy-to-use tool  
  • allows you to compare finances to prior years
  • save 2 hours


Microsoft Excel

Estimated Time Required: 1 Hour

Skills Required: Microsoft Excel (Advanced)