Financial Resource Request Form

Resource Overview

A form that allows staff to explain and justify why they would like to spend money.


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Your Problem

You are looking for a financial process to evaluate staff requests to spend money. It is required that you provide employees with a standardized way to request funds for projects that could bring about benefits to your company. You are tasked with organizing a fund application process so that comparing project proposals becomes a standardized and manageable task.

Our Solution

We created the Microsoft Word Financial Resource Request form, which allows staff to explain and justify why they would like to spend company funds. The Financial Resource Request Form includes a cost/benefit worksheet to support qualitative arguments with real numbers, and allows you to set a standardized fund request process within your firm. Using this finance resource can improve the project selection process, and it ensures that your staff will think first before requesting to spend money. This finance resource is ideal for smaller projects in your company because it allows your employees to complete information in a format that is effective and simple to use.

Key Benefits

  • standardizes requests for funds
  • ensures staff think first before requesting to spend money
  • more simple than a business case
  • provides a cost/benefit worksheet
  • requires signatures for approval

Microsoft Word Document

Estimated Time Required: 2 Hours

Skills Required: Financial Analysis